The Autonomous Car

Read this report to:

  • Determine the current status of autonomous developments
  • Review lifecycle management issues
  • Understand how to prepare your business for the shift
  • Assess the impact this could have on your residual values and total cost of ownership

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The insight behind industry innovation

Manufacturers do not want to be seen to be left behind in the race to develop an autonomous car: being first to market with a new innovation is generally perceived to confer technological leadership and a competitive advantage – with a resulting boost in sales. However, while much of the focus has been on getting the technology right, the automotive industry should not overlook other issues that have the potential to delay the release and adoption of autonomous cars: the implications for liability and the insurance industry; the regulatory framework; the impact on the sales process; and of course, consumer confidence in the technology.

This report covers the various stages of autonomous development and examines the issues in detail, including what autonomy means for residual values and total cost of ownership.

The Autonomous Car is a detailed examination of the issues surrounding developments to date, as well as a practical assessment of how autonomous cars could be rolled out and how governments may react in order to keep the transition period as short as possible. And, as you would expect from Autovista Group, the report provides a serious consideration of the implications for residual values and total cost of ownership.

 Executive Summary

  • Key stages in the development of autonomous cars
  • Threats to automotive industry following entry of new technology players
  • Key strategies adopted by OEMs, leasing and rental companies,

 Report Findings

  • Impact on used car market
  • Regulatory challenges preventing autonomous car development
  • Pace of autonomous development
  • Readiness of consumers to adopt autonomous technology

 Countries in Focus

Overview of the regulatory situation across Europe and how governments are preparing for the arrival of autonomous cars, particularly in:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • UK

The insight and intelligence in this report will help:


To re-examine your policies towards lifecycle management, particularly in relation to the shifting sales process and long-term liability.

Fleet & Finance

To reassess your financing risks and gain the confidence to make decisions that optimise returns in this brave new world.


To examine the risk implications in more detail, particularly the shift from personal insurance to manufacturer liability. In addition, to help you understand the implications for the insurance industry, the report features bespoke primary research conducted with insurance experts on how risk and liability are shifting.  

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