About Us

Autovista Group Market Reports are a product of Autovista Group, which includes pan-European market-leading brands Schwacke, Eurotax, Autovista and Glass’s. We are home to the automotive industry’s largest set of multinational data assets, including current and future valuations, specification, and total cost of ownership across 20 European countries.  Providing unrivalled insights and industry intelligence to more than 95% of all vehicle manufacturers and leasing companies operating in Europe, we are Europe’s leading automotive data supplier.

Every day, we take masses of complex automotive pricing and specification data from across Europe and make sense of it. We have the skills and technical know-how to uncover a wealth of profound insights from inside the more than 2.5 billion records of raw data that we publish every month.

But our real strength comes from the way we understand the needs of our customers and help them grow their businesses. Our data provides the facts and our people give us our competitive edge by providing accurate analysis and insights, focusing on the truths inside the numbers and helping our customers use those insights to drive profits.

  • We have access to the facts.
  • We cut through the clutter.
  • We are transparent in our methodology.
  • We explain the context.
  • We turn data into insights.

We turn insights into bigger and better opportunities for our customers.

We bring refreshingly practical insights into the new economic, technological and regulatory forces that are transforming the automotive industry, analysing the trends of mobility, connected and autonomous cars and the impact of Brexit.  At the core of our coverage we stay close to the metrics that drive our customers’ businesses; the resilience of their residual values and competitiveness of their total cost of ownership.

Access to the right information is key when making high impact business decisions. From design and production to sales and marketing, our analysis and insight gives our customers the edge they need to compete in their markets.

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