Mobility Intelligence

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  • Understand key trends driving changes in mobility
  • Learn how changes are expected to affect residual values
  • Recognise what the shift to total cost of mobility means for your business
  • Find out how to adapt your business to profit from trends
  • Identify successes and failures of existing mobility schemes

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The insight behind customer choice

Governments are worried about the impact of rising congestion, particularly in terms of air quality and the economic life of cities; consumers are increasingly questioning whether they needed to own their cars. But the automotive industry has traditionally been geared up to sell cars to individuals.

To remain relevant in the future, manufacturers and leasing companies will have to serve a wider range of corporate and consumer mobility needs. New analysis from Autovista Intelligence looks at the impact of these changes and how OEMs and leasing companies can evolve their strategy to adapt to a fundamental shift in car usage.

Mobility Intelligence features in-depth investigation and case studies into key aspects of the shift to on-demand and multimodal mobility to help you plan your strategy.


Executive summary         

Intelligent mobility


  • France
    • Paris
    • Rest of France
  • Germany
    • Berlin
    • Rest of Germany
  • Italy
    • Rome
    • Rest of Italy
  • Spain
    • Madrid
    • Rest of Spain
  • UK
    • London
    • Rest of the UK


Case study: Car sharing – consigned to a niche?

Mobility as service

  • Case study: Ford – creating the ‘and conversation’
  • Case study: LeasePlan – finding the right place in the chain

Market impact  

  • Case study: Comparing costs – the case for sharing v ownership


Primary research

Secondary research                                                                                                                            

1: Factors driving the shift towards flexible mobility                                                                       
2: Commuting represents a major source of stress                                                                         
3: The emerging mobility landscape                                                                                                   
4: How important are the following factors in restricting the development of a more flexible     
                mobility model?                                                                                                                      
5: Percentage using ride hailing within the next 5-10 years?                                                         
6: Percentage using mobility cards within the next 5-10 years?                                                   
7: Percentage using car sharing within the next 5-10 years?                                                         
8: Percentage using peer-to-peer car sharing within the next 5-10 years?                                
9: Percentage using car pooling within the next 5-10 years?                                                        
10: Traffic situation in Paris                                                                                                                  
11: Access restrictions in operation across France                                                                          
12: Congestion levels across France                                                                                                   
13: Car sharing schemes in operation across France                                                                       
14:Traffic situation in Berlin                                                                                                                
15: Access restrictions in operation across Germany                                                                      
16: Congestion levels across Germany                                                                                               
17: Car sharing schemes in operation across Germany                                                                  
18: Traffic situation in Rome                                                                                                                
19a: Access restrictions in operation across north Italy                                                                 
19b: Access restrictions in operation across south Italy                                                                 
20: Congestion levels across Italy                                                                                                       
21: Car sharing schemes in operation across Italy                                                                           
22: Traffic situation in Madrid                                                                                                              
23: Access restrictions in operation across Spain                                                                             
24: Congestion levels across Spain                                                                                                      
25: Car sharing schemes in operation across Spain                                                                         
26: Traffic situation in London                                                                                                             
27: Access restrictions in operation across the UK                                                                          
28: Congestion levels across the UK                                                                                                   
29: Car sharing schemes in operation across the UK                                                                       
30: Car sharing in Europe                                                                                                                      
31: Change in mobility among 20-29 year olds                                                                                 
32: The ideal shared car                                                                                                            
33: Attitudes by sector                                                                                                                           
34: The most important opportunities for the automotive industry as a result of a shift to
                 on-demand mobility                                                                                                                          
35: Mobility strategies of the major OEMs                                                                                        
36: OEM views on the need to be involved in key mobility services                                             
37: Ford’s smart Mobility map                                                                                                             
38: Leasing & rental views on the need to be involved in key mobility services                        
39: Car sharing gaining acceptance among corporate customers                                               
40: Industry expects a decline in residual values over the next 5-10 years                                 
41: Growth in the German car-sharing market                                                                                 
42: Comparison of RV % for Toyota Yaris Icon for intensive use v average mileage               
43: Comparison of RV % for Smart Fortwo for intensive use v average mileage                      
44: Comparison of RV % for Ford Fiesta for intensive use v average mileage.                          
45: Comparison of RV % for Smart Fortwo Passion v Smart Fortwo Brabus                              

1: Factors stimulating the shift towards a more flexible urban mobility model                          
2: Access restrictions in operation in Paris                                                                                          
3: Sharing schemes operating in Paris                                                                                                  
4: Access restrictions in operation in Berlin                                                                                        
5: Sharing schemes operating in Berlin                                                                                                
6: Access restrictions in operation in Rome                                                                                        
7: Car sharing schemes operating in Rome                                                                                         
8: Access restrictions in operation in Madrid                                                                                     
9: Car sharing schemes operating in Madrid                                                                                      
10: Access restrictions in operation in London                                                                                  
11: Car sharing schemes operating in London                                                                                   
12: OEM involvement in mobility services                                                                                          
13: Involvement of the major car-leasing companies in mobility services                                   
14: Involvement of the captive financial companies in mobility services                                     
15: Involvement of the major car rental companies in mobility services                                     
16: Impact of car-sharing growth on new car sales                                                                          
17: Illustration of the impact of an increase in shared cars on the Dutch market                      
18: Comparison of shared and private car use

The insight and intelligence in this report will help: 



Understand how on-demand mobility affects your business, particularly what your competitors are doing, how the regulatory environment is changing and the impact of reduced car ownership on residual values.



Fleet & Finance

Determine the pace at which fleets are shifting from ownership to use of shared cars and multimodal mobility. Establish how to adapt your leasing business to keep pace with customer requirements and how risks are changing, to be able to make confident product development and pricing decisions and optimise return on investment.








General Motors



Jaguar Land Rover





PSA Group






Car Leasing Companies

Athlon/ De Lage Landen International

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions (inc. Arval)

Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

Deutsche Leasing

LeasePlan Corporation

Nordea Finance

Société Générale Equipment Finance (inc. ALD Automotive)

UniCredit Leasing



Captive Financial Companies

BMW Financial Services/ Alphabet International

Daimler Financial Services

FCA Bank Group

Ford Bank

Hyundai Capital

Honda Financial Services

RCI Banque

Suzuki Finance

Toyota Financial Services

Volkswagen Financial services


Car Rental Companies

Avis Budget





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