Scandinavia charging ahead with EV network, plans Europe's first EV battery plant

March 08, 2017

Finnish semi-state utility provider Fortum has announced it will build the first high-power (150-350kW) charging corridor between the Nordic capitals...

EU to subsidise electric vehicle battery production

March 07, 2017

FCA cleared as Italian diesel probe finds no defeat devices

March 06, 2017

Ford set to axe more than 1100 jobs at UK Bridgend plant

March 03, 2017

EUROBAT calls for battery strategy for Europe

March 03, 2017

EUROBAT, the Association of European Automotive and Industrial Battery Manufacturers, is calling on policymakers to develop a joined-up ‘2030 Battery Strategy for Europe’ over the next two years. EUROBAT wants to ensure coherence between EU, regional and national policy initiatives to support long-term investment planning by manufacturers and their supply chain...

Nissan requests £100m ‘Made in Britain’ supplier fund, could face £400-plus million profit hit

March 02, 2017

EU Parliament blames national governments for Dieselgate crisis

March 02, 2017

EATA presents roadmap for connected and autonomous technologies

March 01, 2017

The European Automotive Telecom Alliance (EATA) announced on Monday its roadmap for breakthroughs in connected and autonomous driving. This includes pilot technology projects , regulatory dialogue and a proposal for co-funding its new €48 million CONCORDA project...

German dealer lobby warns of 10-20% used and new diesel price declines

February 27, 2017

Stuttgart to ban diesels as London launches ‘toxicity charge’

February 23, 2017

EU greenlights €300m investment in Germany’s electric charging infrastructure

February 15, 2017

The European Commission (EC) has announced that it has approved German plans for an electric vehicle charging network across the country. There is one catch: the energy to power the chargers must come from renewable sources...

EU losing patience with national regulators over emissions probes

February 14, 2017

Insight: UK used car demand solid, despite ongoing Brexit uncertainty

February 13, 2017

Vattenfall switching entire 3500-vehicle fleet to EVs

February 09, 2017

Vattenfall, Sweden’s state-owned electricity producer, is converting its whole fleet to electric vehicles (EVs). The move will see, over the next five years, more than 3500 cars and LCVs replaced, and forms part of the company’s ambition to be completely climate-neutral by 2050...

FCA emissions accusations referred to French prosecutors

February 08, 2017

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has been referred for possible prosecution by investigators in France over the unusual emissions of NOx pollutants from some of its diesel engines...

EU mulls plans to clamp down on speeding with automatic braking systems

February 06, 2017

The European Commission (EC) is considering introducing automatic braking systems on all new cars in order to reduce the number of road deaths, which topped 26,000 in the EU in 2015...

EU piles pressure on Italy as deadline set for response to FCA emissions accusations

February 03, 2017

Germany’s carmakers losing hope over Brexit tariffs as BMW may build new Mini EV outside UK

February 02, 2017

Germany’s auto industry sees no way around post-Brexit tariffs, several executives have told Reuters. They have indicated that they are willing to reach a compromise with the UK to prevent further EU fragmentation – seen as a much greater threat to the industry...

Electric cars ‘too expensive’ for Londoners to switch from diesel

February 02, 2017

EU strengthens defeat device rules following VW emissions scandal

January 30, 2017

The European Commission (EC) has announced guidance that strengthens how EU counties should enforce a ban on emissions-cheating devices following the Volkswagen (VW) emissions scandal. EU officials have said the move will likely lead to the EU taking legal action against member countries that fail to take action against manufacturers that cheat diesel emissions regulations...

UK investment tumbles post-Brexit as carmakers fear ‘death by 1000 cuts’

January 27, 2017

Malta green grant scheme announced

January 26, 2017

Belgium turns from diesel to electric as Mechelen follows Antwerp’s low-emission example

January 24, 2017

Nissan, Toyota back UK plants despite ‘hard Brexit’ plan, German auto industry warns will stifle UK investment

January 20, 2017

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