Saab successor plans to deliver 250,000 EVs

October 24, 2016

Saab successor National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) has formed a new partnership with technology firm Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to help bring more than 250,000 electric vehicles (EVs) to the global automotive market.

NEVS has already signed a number of strategic agreements to produce new EVs, including a deal with power plant operator Panda Energy to deliver 250,000 electric cars and vans to China.

To accommodate this, HPE will provide the IT infrastructure and business processes to support NEVS’ manufacturing base.

The firm acquired the main assets of the Saab Automobile company after it shut down earlier this year.

Its vehicles will be produced at its existing manufacturing plant in Trollhättan, Sweden, and a new plant in Tianjin, China.

NEVS, which was founded in 2012, will begin the production of its first EVs in 2017 across China and Sweden, with plans to expand into Europe and the US.

The firm’s president Mattias Bergman said: ‘We are entering a highly competitive and disruptive market.’

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) recently forecast that registrations of EVs will hit 41 million by 2040 - almost 90 times the equivalent figure for 2015.

OEMs are racing to respond to predicted market changes with a series of new launches, including a number of EVs revealed at the Paris Motor Show.

Fitch has warned that the push for production could lead to an ‘investor death spiral’ for oil companies as EV sales grow, pushing down demand for automotive diesel and petrol.

To adapt to the changing market, oil companies could introduce electric car charging bays alongside fuel pumps.

Shell’s UK service stations may introduce them as soon as next year, the oil giant confirmed, after emails were published revealing its discussions with UK government officials.

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