Malta green grant scheme announced

January 26, 2017

Valetta has announced a first-come-first-served €500,000 grant scheme for the purchase of green and energy-efficient vehicles.  

Announced provisionally in Malta’s Budget 2017, the scheme provides financial support in three areas.  

First for the purchase of a new environmentally-friendly vehicle; second for converting a vehicle’s fuel system to autogas/LPG (liquefied petroleum gas); and third when buying a battery electric vehicle or battery electric quadricycle.  

In order to comply with the scheme, the grant criteria also calls for de-registering a vehicle in the same category. Every eligible person is entitled to only one grant.  

This scheme is aimed at reducing the number of old motor vehicles from the road and thus reducing pollution. Subject to various conditions, the grant is as follows:  

 a)      €900 given to persons registering a new Category M1 (passenger car) vehicle with CO2 emission levels up to 100g/km;  

b)      €700 given to persons registering a new Category M1 vehicle with CO2 emission levels between 101 and 130g/km;  

c)      €3,000 given to persons registering a new Category M1 plug-in hybrid vehicle with CO₂ emissions 0-50 g/km; and

    d)      €2,000 given to persons registering a new category M1 hybrid vehicle with CO₂ emissions between 51-65 g/km.

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